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Crackle paint like a pro, creating faux paint finishes that have that old antiqued cracked paint look.



Natural Crackle (Milk Paint)

$12.99 Regular Price
$10.99Sale Price

    It’s never been easier to create faux paint finishes that have that old antique wood finish look. You can create a heavy “alligator” crackled look or very fine hair line crackle glass cracks. Crackle paint is great for faux painting kitchen cabinets and unfinished furniture or for kids craft projects.

    Natural Crackle by The Real Milk Paint Company is a natural non-toxic biodegradable gelatin. It can be brushed or rolled and dries to a clear satin finish. Natural Crackle is a collagen adhesive so you can use it to repair wood furniture, glue paper, cardboard and leather.

    Natural Crackle is a product that can achieve many different looks with different variations in the application.


    • Dries fast – 30 min. to 2 hours
    • Thin with water for different effects
    • Can be applied to specific areas or across the whole project
    • Will adhere to many surfaces, i.e.: wood, paints, varnish, metal, glass, drywall, previously painted surfaces.
    • Clean up with water
    • Long shelf life – 1 to 2 years without refrigeration
    • Non-flammable
    • Non-toxic paint, environmentally safe
    • Odorless after drying
    • Dries to a satin sheen
    • Apply with brush or roller
    • Freeze-thaw stable
    • Viscosity of syrup
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