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"Rejuvenating forlorn furniture with love."

-christina wexler-

Years ago, I took a leap of faith and followed my husband’s desires to move to South Florida. After leaving an amazing career as a video editor for The Today Show in NYC, I found myself confounded in south Florida wallowing in my “lost career”, “hurt ego”, and “new motherhood” self-pity party.

I have always been a garage sale junky and an avid lover of antiques and I found solace whilst driving through our suburban, Floridian landscape scattered with forlorn pieces of furniture from times gone by. And so it started, refurbishing pieces that were found or purchased. I was deriving satisfaction and expressing myself in a creative manner that paralleled something from my previous life.

I started painting and refurbishing from my own home in Boca but within a year developed the need for a larger workplace and better location for clients. In 2014 I rented a small 400 square foot warehouse bay- Bay38 was born. A few years later, frustrated by the high costs of retail space rent, I banded together with another local business woman to share a brick and mortar shop in Boca Raton called Vintage Home Collective which was Bay38 Furniture’s home for three years. We then moved  to a warehouse space located in the urban arts district of Boca Raton, ROCUrban for another three years. Then onto a beautiful showroom in Deerfield Beach which closed in October of 2023.

Bay38 currently maintains an online presence through Instagram and The shop features a curated, eclectic collection of  vintage home decor, art and ceramics.

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